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Windows 10 Home version is one of the most secure editions and If you are a part of Windows 10 Home version then your operating system is protected from virus. While installing it, all you have to do is attach a Hotmail account with your operating system for more safety and protection. In case of any deletion of your data loss, you can easily synchronize your PC with one drive account. It would help you to get the data restored. Microsoft account helps you recover the files including photos, videos and documents as One drive makes sure to keep your data safe and protected. To get the most from it, You need to Buy Windows 10 Home Key here.

Windows 10 Home allows users you to customize the desktop screen with facinating colors. To make your desktop look more attractive, you can add a background image to the lock screen and also manage all the user’s PC in case, you are an administrator of your operating system.

Windows 10 Home Key

Windows 10 Home Features

With Windows 10 at the heart of your computer you can do it all.

  • Built-in security features include antivirus, firewall, and internet protections
  • Scan your face or fingerprint with Windows Hello for a fast, secure, and password-free way to unlock your PC.
  • Focus assist allows you to block notifications, sounds, and alerts for some distraction-free work time.
  • Your timeline provides a quick and easy way to scroll your most recent documents, apps, and websites
  • Microsoft Photos is a simple way to organize, search, edit, and share your photos and videos.
  • Instantly stream live gameplay, take screen recordings, and control individual audio settings with Game bar.

Parental controls

Ensure content is age-appropriate and monitor kids’ online activity with content filters, screen-time limits, weekly reports, geo-tracking, and more.

Comprehensive, built-in, ongoing protection

The most secure Windows ever. Windows 10 provides comprehensive and built-in protection at no extra cost.

Windows Hello, passwords goodbye

With Windows Hello you can just be yourself. Sign in more securely and three times faster with your face, fingerprint or companion device.

Always up to date

Windows 10 provides new feature and security updates on a regular cadence and on your terms. Schedule it for later that night, next week or next month.

Always on defense

Windows 10 devices come with 360 degrees of comprehensive security from internet defense against viruses, malware and ransomware to tamper protection.

What you need to get things done

From touch screen support, to intuitive design, to features that can help you focus and create. Windows 10 has the innovation to help you be productive.

Pick up where you left off

To access Timeline and view documents and activities in chronological order, Just click or tap the Task View icon in your taskbar or press Windows+Tab.

Secure and easy photo sharing

Connect Microsoft Photos with your own OneDrive so photos and videos are synced and secured across your devices, even if your device is damaged or lost.

Safer surfing all day long

Browse securely with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen and other built in protections to prevent malware or phishing attacks as well as suspicious sites.

Your PC and phone, together

Now you can access your apps and notifications from your Android phone on your PC, so you never miss a text or notification.

Most popular PC gaming platform on the planet

There’s a reason the pros game on Windows 10. It has the power and innovation you need for graphics-intensive gaming.

Windows 10 for each of us

Whether you have a disability, a personal preference or a unique work style, Windows 10 will adapt to you.

Bring your ideas to life

Choose from thousands of curated stock images, icons and fonts to add your own flair quickly and beautifully.

Organize your time

Manage multiple calendars in one view, sort through emails quickly with the Focused Inbox and use Suggested Replies to instantly hit send and move on.

Accomplish more together

Share OneDrive documents from your PC or mobile device and let your friends, classmates or family view to make suggestions, edit or collaborate in real time.

Protect what is the important

Get 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage to store 300,000 photos, plus all your documents, that you can access, edit and share across all your devices. all while knowing your files are backed up and protected.

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Some features require specialized hardware and software. Microsoft Photos works with pictures and videos stored on your PC and in OneDrive.

Windows 10 Home Key

This package is include with Windows 10 Home Single User License to install on your PC.

  • Windows 10 Home Key
  • 1 User Retail License
  • Lifetime Validity
  • 100% Online
  • Email Delivery
  • Global Activation
  • Microsoft Free Support
  • One Year Warranty

Windows 10 Home Download

After purchasing Windows 10 Home Key, You can download Software from Microsoft Official Site, than Install and Activate your product easily.



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  1. Syed Rizvi

    I built my own home computer using all the “bells and whistles”, but was concerned about the OS software running what I wanted. Windows 10 did the trick. I am ecstatic and having a lot of fun on my new computer!!

    Syed Rizvi

  2. Takashi Kamihigashi

    Had zero problems with my install CD key was definitely valid but One major thing to remember is, it must be a clean install.
    Highly recommend.

    Takashi Kamihigashi

  3. Joshua Bot

    I was in the process of compiling all of my componets for my computer build. (That’s why i only gave 4 stars in the rating. When everything is said and done i will rate Microsoft’s OEM Windows 10 . I know in the past i’ve used Windows 10 was satisfied with it, but now software is the way to go, it widens the parameters of the software. Who knows, maybe in the future 128 bit software could be available. In todays world, it merits some serious thought

    Joshua Bot

  4. Lozada M

    I bought considering it windows 10 pro and It was my own mistake. but Danny, with support was kind enough to respond with helpful responses and even, offered a full return and refund, because I was having trouble. I ended up figuring it out but I am grateful for the timely and kind responses, I got from Danny. Definitely recommend this company.

    Lozada M

  5. John Sellman

    I was a little skeptical, when I first ordered this because I was not too trusting at the company selling this (no offense, just kind of sketchy), but it arrived on time and worked perfectly!

    John Sellman

  6. Brian ostelman

    I purchased it before reading any reviews, and I received an unused code and everything was fine but it seems like a lot of people are getting used codes it’s kind of a gamble buy at your own risk bcz the actual product from Microsoft.

    Brian ostelman

  7. Bevan

    I think, I was purchasing a full version to load onto a blank hard drive but they only way I could load it was to install a previous window version and then install like an upgrade.