I’ll Rewrite Your AI Copy to Native English



I’ll Rewrite Your AI Copy to Native English: Getting written post from artificial intelligence robots are very easy but search engine did not accept it. Do you use AI content writing to write quick copy for your website?

This practice is frequent in the industry now but it is immediately obvious to native English speakers because content is not well-written and authentic, which can devalue your website in the eyes of users as well as decrease your bounce rate and SE traffic.

I’ll Rewrite Your AI Copy to Native English

This gig is about proofreading and rewriting of AI written content to make it natural as native English. This will  include:

  • Copy editing & restructuring content
  • Checking spelling and grammar
  • Re-writing to make copy more lively to add a more engaging tone, often AI writing can be lacking in personality
  • Re writing to introduce more ‘colloquial’ English, to make the copy more naturalistic
  • The gig is not include additional research and/or changing the basic premise of articles. It’ll include fact checking if required but you should discuss in advance after placing an order so we can agree the specific parameters.
  • Please order with confidence as I am an experienced content writer with a degree in English and a lot of experience in this industry.


I’m Jones Phil from the United Kingdom and I’m a skilled writer & marketer. I’ve a background in writing in various formats, creative, academic, professional including editing copies, so I’m also very comfortable reviewing and editing any script.

After your order placement, I’ll contact with you to work together.


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