Do you need updated USA phone lists, to turbocharge your telemarketing campaigns? Your search will end at We maintain an exhaustive USA phone number database, to help you connect with your targeted customers. Whether you need a B2B USA telemarketing list for your niche product, a custom audience for a specific industry or a classic USA phone lists for the large scale B2C campaign, we’re only the perfect solution for you. At, we regularly update our database, so that you don’t need to worry about inaccurate data and you’re able to make the most out of your telemarketing efforts.

Targeted VS Classic USA Phone Lists
We have USA based phone number lists which can put you in direct contact with individual consumers and we also have USA business calling lists which can put you in touch with decision makers. Although both of our targeted and classic USA phone number lists can do the these things but the specific kind of list you should purchase depends on your goals and target audience.

Targeted USA Phone Number Lists for Sale
Our targeted USA based calling lists are the perfect tool which help you to identify the specific demographic group to yield the best leads. You can sortout everything through our targeted marketing lists, based on more than 15 demographic data points, which include homeowners, age, income and more. This capability will prevent your sales team from contacting prospects, who won’t have a legitimate interest in that you’re selling as well as saving your valuable time and money.

This ability enables your sales team to prepare to answer questions from the narrowed number of prospects, who probably have similar concerns and reservations. Whether you buy a targeted list of contacts by state, zip code, or the entire United States, your list will cost less than one cent per lead.

Classic U.S. Telemarketing Lists for Sale
Like our targeted USA phone lists, which offer an outstanding value per lead. These lists come pre-sorted by zip code, and area code. Whereas our targeted telemarketing lists will be the right choice, if you want to approach a certain kind of prospect by the demographic as our classic USA based calling lists are ideal, if you are going to engage in a wide scale cold calling campaign. Although, our precise targeting lists are only available in the United States at this time but the classic lists are available in the both USA and Canada countries. Demographic info includes with name, address and phone number.

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